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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 6, 2013 8:30pm-8:41pm PST

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will will will will. i want to assign i'm not keen to sell. it will make as they appeared to be a long friday that gives the government authority to designate the official information as special secrets. it's stiff penalties for those who leaked the information the last time i come to pass the decals the government police and use them as i could get home. the pain increased. included in
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the penalty. i made it all the full speed. this blog will import the security of the nation. it is our duty was to fully explain its purpose to the people with us secure the hall. it's regrettable that the ruling potent force for the bill with the power of numbers the law against senior government officials on friday to find information on special sacred. that would include material that make it to the fence the company connections and content parents. servants found guilty of breaking its secrets the tail for up to ten years. isn't that the key up a display of the information could also face punishment. the law is
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currently vacant and japan's new national security council prime minister seems all out and about the history of ninety on the sixth of information gathered by iris ministries and foreign country. senior officials say the secrecy on east is the self proclaimed phasing out that governments. they can be trusted to see aaron connection. on the ash the day. the river and some including international human rights groups like yours and scientists are worried about the common law gives to the city. members of the country's honestly it's the idea that the metis nation for the now government officials to clarify information of the two are winning. the simi says. it undermines the public's right to know. also there to be a long prison terms will
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intimidate whistleblowers what would the both of them officials come to think this lot just by itself they need to create the children conditions operations you some guidelines. then we need to keep an eye on government officials so they don't undermine human rights is because he'll learn i was the bay has faults to set up the miles to oversee that the citizens of this doesn't make either the secrecy law and he says experts would draw up guidelines for what would constitute classified information. critics say how they laughing till my stomach i raked across the bell and the make us content. it takes some details. farley it's ghetto. engineers at japan's cripple green tea and trying to teach and not to snag a few scattered radiation outside a building on
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the fish might die to sigh and say it's potentially lethal. focused on the radiation on a dark between having active duty and an exhaust great the estimate it's not the last twenty five c bankstown line. that's the highest they've ever detected out the list. anyone exposed but died within twenty minutes. he was exhausted after the survey team to plan says after the accident in march twenty ten ten. they see it going to cut steel container made active substances. black is at this time thank aaron still struggling to deal with a growing amount of contaminated want to tell me your stpm make a weakness as officials should consider discharging that would tap into the ocean i did not punch as the usd in making that the commission piece as all countries with an ep program have similar concerns in the water issue it's that it's a very complex issue and
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there's not going to be a straightforward solution there's no silver bullet macfarlane says de contamination bust quantities of radioactive water is a huge talent but his encouragement i have started a process to remove radioactive substances from the contaminated quartet of military man tricked him it's not convenient to tell the japanese went to bed and went to fall back on what the iaea recommended which lies within. free tutorial in its game yet the japanese probably should consider releasing the water. she suggests that routinely into what could be done isn't it before it's released into the sea. south africans am mourning the death of former president nelson mandela and they feel and how they'll be able to be seen in the final fat well as applying them in oil said this into hummus
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bank on cheese steak and a state funeral in him and then as embedded on sunday next week. i can't stand the test ninety nine he helped lead the fight against a contest and won the nobel peace prize south african to find plants in town staff and a hardened officials sentosa went to plan and no one stands on this independence day when he die. he seemed to match the taking. was this evening if we can cease. uni team lau. too many nights. and justice. in our country. and do it. well gold as a planning to attend the mineral hill said this and seek an all white town specs business as us president barack obama who go to south africa for this fine
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nation ow. nice to know the sec offensive around the world of man canberra nationals puzzled be facing in the twenty fourteen world cup officials but the game's governing body have a chill in the tournament's host nation itself. a divided thirty two teams into eight groups. the top two teams from each pupil go through to the finals. resentments and won the cup five times. any group any on the creation of mexico and canada. spain defeated in the comments in the twenty ten final to be facing each other again in group b along with cheesy and australia. the play cars on the attempt to fly in the steam to see. the greens made it to the semifinals in twenty ten planning group d the cost to make a grand and he's having the evenings to get this fixed term cr until firm stand on insurance argentina has qualified for a nap and woke up to one
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amends. you know now the state had to cut the neck is playing for the first time getting to and maybe beyond and nigeria the jam into second in the one thanking stand up against portugal china and the united states into tea and that age brings together belgium and danielle russia and south korea. after you want for the full cost. i knew. and. in. the i do. do
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this is just a sign. i don't
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i am creek summits. violence in south america. since the last unexplored area. two to six people the sheer this that day. tuneful


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